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Ceylon Garcinia Cambogia powder 30gr


A true medicinal food used for centuries, in recent times Garcinia Cambogia is popularly being used as a weight-loss supplement.

Garcinia Cambogia is said to increase levels of blood Serotonin, giving a feeling of satiety and significantly reducing appetite or the tendency to over-eat. Serotonin is also said to reduce stress thereby also reducing comfort eating habits for some users.

Garcinia Cambogia acts as an appetite suppressant due to the presence of hydroxy citric acid (HCA) in its rind. Reduction of fat absorption happens when HCA inhibits the production of an enzyme ( citrate lyase)  which the body needs if it is going to absorb fats during digestion.

The combination of reducing fat absorption and suppressing appetite is what makes garcinia Cambogia such an effective weight loss agent.

In Ayurveda, it is widely used in remedies for treating constipation and menstruation cramps

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Garcinia Cambogia (a fruit), has grown naturally in the spice gardens of Ceylon from ancient times.

The carefully harvested rind of the fruit is sun-dried naturally and milled to make this powder.

Ceylonese Garcinia is a sour spice that is a natural meat tenderizer and preservative. A popular Ceylonese fish curry ‘Ambul Thiyal’ is made with Garcinia Cambogia. It was the way our ancestors cured the fish to preserve it, making it a picnic favourite to this day! Garcinia Cambogia gives seafood a tangy taste and can also be used in place of Tamarind in curries/soups and stews or used for its citrusy/ acidic flavour in smoothies and meat rubs. Use in natural form for cooking or mixed in small daily doses  (1/8 tsp – 0.6ml) as a hot herbal tea. Allow the powder to settle and drink the infused clear tea discarding the sediment at the bottom.

Ingredients : milled Organic Garcinia Cambogia (100%)
No processing, no additives, no preservatives
A product of Sri Lanka ( Ceylon)



Most of these ancient spices have flavoured our foods for centuries and are safe to consume regularly when used as a ‘spice‘ an ingredient when making foods.It would be very hard to overdose on spice when it is a minute part of a food recipe. With recent research and articles highlighting the medicinal properties and health attributes of these spices, rather than just consuming it straight away as a supplement, it is always advisable to consult a nutritionist or doctor, if using this product as an ongoing treatment for a health issue. People with heart conditions or memory-related conditions are also advised to do the same.A health care provider may recommend a specific dosage depending on a person’s age, weight, and medical condition.


Do not use this as a weight management treatment while pregnant.

Do not exceed recommended daily dosage (1/8 tsp)


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Garcinia cambogia powder

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