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8 week Gut Reset Kit

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A happy microbiome starts here.

Tune your gut instinct!

Make sure your gut is functioning right. Reset your gut!

Each kit includes:
• 2x SporeBiotic™ 30s
• 1x Gut Food 120s
• 1x Good Guts 90s
• Protocol instructions
• Copper tongue scraper
• Tote Bag
Downloadable Gutsi® Gut Reset Journal


The Gutsi® Gut Reset Kit is an advanced 60-day protocol that offers complete care for restoring gut health. The kit comprises a trio of supplements that support a healthy gut environment and harmonious microbial ecosystem to promote optimal gut function and whole-body health. The Gutsi® Gut Reset Kit contains 3 top products that support gut health from all angles:

  1. SporeBiotic™ – Revolutionizing gut health with powerful, spore-based probiotics for a diverse, antioxidant-rich microbiome
  2. Gut Food – A game-changing prebiotic blend for superior gut balance, diversity, and health support
  3. Good Guts – Advanced postbiotic support for a healthy gut barrier and microbiome harmony.”
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Do you need a Gut Reset?

Reset your gut – it all begins with the gut microbiome. A microbiome is the inner ecosystem of microorganisms that can either support or sabotage our health.

Every day, the gut, particularly the microbiome, is under constant assault. Because a wide range of factors in daily life can disrupt the microbiome’s happy harmony, this could lead to shifts that promote more pathogenic species to dominate, hurting health and well-being.

Gut health disruptors can include too much stress, too little sleep, a poor diet, environmental toxins or pollutants, certain medications, too little water and many more. These factors contribute to the many minor twinges and niggles and the more obvious signs and symptoms that indicate some TLC is needed to rest the gut and microbiome back into balance.

Addressing root causes

The prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic trio found in the Gut Reset Kit provide a concentrated dose of powerful nutrients validated in clinical trials to support a total gut health transformation. The Gutsi® range of precision supplements address root-cause issues, providing the healing nutrients needed to support foundational health principles like optimal nutrient absorption, cellular energy production, metabolism and more. The Gut Reset Kit offers complete digestive care for optimal gut function. This supports immune and metabolic health for the whole body


Spore Biotic, Gut food and Good guts


A revolutionary and highly effective 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic formula that seeds the gut with beneficial bacteria. These SporeBiotic™(beneficial bacteria) work to recondition the gut environment to support the greatest microbial diversity. Encouraging the growth of key antioxidant-producing gut bacteria nourishes a healthy microbiome. This begins the total gut health transformation process with unique spore-form probiotics. SporeBiotics™ have 100x better survival than live colony-type probiotics or cultured foods.

Gut Food

Gut Food is a game-changing prebiotic containing a specialised blend of 3 clinically validated functional fibres that selectively feed only beneficial organisms in the gut that reinforce the microbial changes seeded by SporeBiotic™. Thus preferentially targeting foundational strains of bacteria that produce the greatest quantities of useful postbiotic substances.

While also providing additional functional digestive, metabolic and immune support,  bowel regularity, stool consistency, abdominal comfort, weight management and more.

Good Guts

Good Guts is an advanced postbiotic formulation providing unique therapeutic support for a healthy gut mucosal barrier system and ultimate digestive well-being. It contains key amino acids and polyphenolic plant extracts,

Good Guts drives the production of short-chain fatty acids needed for the protective mucous layer and tightly integrated cell lining of the gut barrier system whilst enhancing the harmony of the microbiome. Good Guts and SporeBiotic™ and Gut Food form the cornerstones for complete gut health and a happy, healthy microbiome.

Copper Gutsi tongue-scraper.

Using a tongue scraper offers several benefits for oral hygiene. It improves breath freshness, reduces bacteria buildup, and enhances taste perception. It also contributes to better overall oral health by preventing plaque and tartar accumulation, potentially reducing the risk of gum disease. While it’s a valuable addition to oral care routines, it should complement regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups.

Reset your gut in TWO steps.

Step 1 Blossom

Step 2  Bloom

(Both these steps are explained inside the package – click on product images for further information).

Hear from the world-renown microbiologist and formulator has to say, Kiran Krishnan