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Kokonati millers have made coconut products for generations getting the best out of each coconut. So you get the best quality at the best price! To us 'Coconut' is not a trend, it is our lifeline.

organic heirloom spices


The only 'True Cinnamon' is native to Ceylon. Ceylon was a coveted colony for centuries because of its naturally abundant plethora of spices and herbs. Spices grown here are literally Heirloom.

organic dried fruit


Single-ingredient snacks, guilt-free! Made by simply sun-drying ripe tropical fruit. Nothing else. Available as dried fruit bits, strips and powder. Top up your fruit intake , come winter or summer.

Super Awesome Thank you fastest package to arrive 4 2020 came the very next day 👌☺

Tykaza Tapu (Kasa),

I’m an avid fan of cooking with coconut oil and during lockdown it wonderful to discover that Pure Ceylon Kokonati is delivering products. I found their website via and ordered a few products to try out whilst cooking at home. The delivery was good with items arriving within 5 days and the order was placed during Easter weekend so it was a pleasant surprise getting my package. Service and ease of website navigation was great. Highly recommended with distinction!

Taylar W,

Apr 18, 2020

LOVE the organic coconut milk powder and the incredible fast service. Unable to get this product on our island so really appreciated a free delivery option, as I was happy to buy slightly more to avoid the usually high postage! Use it all the time on frozen berries (as a powder, not a milk) absolutely delicious. Thanks so much, thoroughly recommend Kokonati 🙂

Jan Lewis

Jan 13, 2020

live and let live

supporting traditional livelihoods

In a time when industrial, commercialized farming practices are stripping the earth of its livingness, traditional regenerative farming uses age-old knowledge and simple practices like crop rotation and manuring to replenish the earth sustainably. Every Kokonati and Heirloom product is traditionally grown in the coconut triangle of Ceylon or sustainably foraged from the wild in naturally abundant rainforests.

Planted, harvested, and crafted by multigenerational farmers and millers in the rural wilderness of Ceylon, we limit what we harvest to ensure the fruiting and bearing cycle continues every season to support the traditional livelihoods that depend on it. This is the reason why some products are out of stock at certain seasons of the year. Our skilled farmers integrate crops to make the most of the harvest, coconut spices, and fruits in a sustainable way to give back to the earth as much as they take.

it turns out that, what's good for you, is good for the planet too.

A healthy outside, starts from the inside!

If you don’t look after your body, where will you live?

Cut down on processed instant foods that may save you a little time and money but cost you your health.

Nature knows best.

We cannot make food better than nature.

Choose simple, natural food ingredients that nourish your body and mind.



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100% cruelty free Kokonati


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its the real McCoy!

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Healthy always tasted good and our ancestors knew it. Join us in the journey to a back-to-basics lifestyle, making slow food the next fast food

Why is Coconut a superfood?

Coconut products are rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s). Coconut MCTs are metabolised by the liver into energy. It is less likely to be stored as fat because it boosts metabolism and is burned up as energy! Lauric acid has been proven to improve immunity; only two naturally rich sources of lauric acid exist. Mother’s milk and Coconuts!  Coconut products fuel the brain and the body with energy, with a healthy dose of dietary fibre, clean fat, and digestible protein and boost immunity for good measure. That’s why coconut products are here to stay as a versatile everyday superfood.

And we have coconut in all its forms at the best price you can get for its high quality. Build your Coconut-based pantry today!

Kokonati product range

100% organic; coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut jam, coconut sugar, coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut milk powder, MCT coconut oil, coconut nectar, desiccated coconut, coconut chips, coconut threads, coconut vinegar, coconut amino sauce, coconut water, handmade coconut soap and even a nut-free peanut butter alternative made wholly of 100% ground toasted coconut!

  • Is “Extra” virgin better than virgin coconut oil? With a myriad of coconut oil brands marketing extra virgin coconut oil it can be harder to distinguish if there is a difference between extra virgin and virgin coconut oil. The 'extra'

  • Where does coconut milk come from? Coconuts are naturally abundant in Ceylon and an integral part of the local cuisine. KOKONATI Organic Coconut Milk is made from freshly grated coconut meat from mature kernels. The finely grated meat is steeped in

  • The oldest superfood coconut oil is here to stay. The origins of using Coconut oil can be traced back thousands of years. It is a significant part of the nourishing daily diets of coastal communities. Not only did it provide