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Feel great in both body & mind

If you dont look after your body, where are you going to live?

Everyday organic, wholesome coconut foods that heal, keep and protect the only thing you need to live.

Your body.


Kokonati, only from pure Ceylon Coconuts.

Organic Coconut Oils

  • 51% Lauric acid
  • Single Origin, Single ingredient
  • No hydrogenation No Transfats
  • Use inside and out!

Healthy low GI Sugar

Coconut sap is the only natural sugar in our coconut jam & nectar , rich in 65 minerals and 17 amino acids. No added refined sugars.

Gluten free baking

  • Raw coconut flour & shredded coconut
  • Low GI unrefined sugar
  • Rich in dietary fiber, minerals and amino acids

Alkalize easy ...

  • Coconut cider & water vinegars alive with mother vinegar
  • MSG free No-soy sauce
  • Rich in 65 minerals and 17 amino acids

True Ceylon Cinnamon, exotic spices & Raw dried fruits

No added sugar, No sulphites, Dietary fiber ++

Organic Coconut products

We use only the best hand-picked organic Sri Lankan coconuts. That is why our coconut oils have a whopping 51.1% Lauric acid content!

Excellent for Your Immune System

Studies show that there are many health benefits for both your physical and mental well being when coconut is included as a part of your everyday diet.

Everything Coconut, Spices and fruits

It’s all organic ! Coconut oils, coconut flour, coconut chips, coconut sugars, coconut nectar, coconut aminos, coconut MCT oils, coconut cider vinegar, coconut milk, coconut milk powder, coconut oil powder, king coconut water, ceylon cinnamon, other ceylon heirloom spices and dried tropical fruits.

Why shop around when you can find everything coconut, spices and fruits, right here with us!?!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 1.5L

Organic Virgin Coconut oils is very rich in medium chain fatty acids . It is considered a functional ‘super food’ because it has healing benefits beyond its nutritional contents.


Sri-Lankan ingredients


Lauric acid level


Organic ingredients

“I bought a small bottle of your toasted Coconut Butter and we finished it chop chop!
It is DELICIOUS!!!! I went back and bought 2 more big bottles.!!! ”


New Zealand

“I tasted the coconut butter, coconut nectar, wild kithul treacle and coconut jam today at green soul organics and they are amazing. So delicious. My favorites being the coconut jam and wild kithul treacle. And the kokonati coconut oil is fantastic. I’ve so far cooked with it and oil pulled. I’ll definitely be recommending the products. A must-buy on my shopping list. Thanks guys” Shauna Phillips


“My daughter has coeliacs disease (strictly gluten free diet required). I have found it difficult to source gluten free desiccated coconut for baking. I have your thread coconut which I bought from Farro, it was surprising to me that it should be so hard to find gluten free coconut, that was produced in a gluten free facility so thank you very much for your confirmation – it is much appreciated. Thank you” Lavinda

New Zealand

“Great to find a NZ source of proper cinnamon. Interesting that the so-called ‘health stores’ in New Zealand sell the cheaper cassia. However, I respect my liver…Thanks” Paul

New Zealand

All Your Coconut Needs in One Place.