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PetLove MCT C8 🐾 125ml

$12.00 (incl. GST)

Research for using MCT C8 for pets is piling up.

Possible benefits include:

  1. Heart health, gut and fur health.
  2. Age-related cognitive performance
  3. Reducing seizures/ epilepsy
  4. Deodorising and even reducing pet dander!
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 About PetLove MCT C8


Inspired by Loki, the newest member of the Kokonati team, we introduce PetLoveC8 MCT coconut oil. PetLove C8 is human-grade and organic MCT coconut oil with 99% Caprylic acid. Several research studies (1,2, 3) reveal findings that suggest MCT is an excellent supplement for canines, felines and equines.

MCT oil can be helpful for healthy dogs and dogs with chronic health issues. Accordingly, dogs on MCT oil could benefit from increased energy, digestion, and a shiny lustrous coat.

MCT oil, when consumed, makes Ketones (brain food), improves energy levels and maintains blood sugar levels. It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It has been used successfully to treat seizures in dogs and could improve heart, gut, skin and hair health.

If you are worried about the quality and amount of their meals, MCT oil could be a smart choice if you want to offer your dog an extra energy boost. MCT oils provide healthy fats and calories that are easier to digest.

How much to give?

To begin with allow your pet’s gut to adjust to C8 by dosing 1/4 tsp for 2 weeks ( direct or in food). Thereafter increase the dosage according to your pet’s size. For every additional 5kg in canines and felines, 5 ml dosage can be increased. For Equines, getting the dosage suggestion from the vet is advisable.

Dosage as an indication for your pet cat, dog, and horse:

5kg pet             2.5ml

10kg pet           5ml

15kg pet           10ml

20kg pet            15ml

( 5ml increments for every additional 5 kg)

As each pet is unique, always check with your vet if C8 MCT coconut oil is right for your pet and if you should give it as a short-term or long-term supplement.

MCT oil is a generally safe ingredient. It should not give your dog a tummy upset if they can digest it, although it could cause diarrhoea in lactose-intolerant dogs.

If your dog has pancreatitis, avoid using MCT oil.

Customer Reviews

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pet mct

not sure hvnt seen any improvements as of yet what should i be looking for nothing drastically stands out

Hey Kaz, thanks for the review. Did you read the links to further information on the product page? Every dog is different. you may choose to increase the dosage depending on your dog's natural propensity to absorb and extract the goodness from the MCT oil. I would highly recommend reading up more to do with MCT oil andits benefits in your particular breed size/ weight of dog. For our lab (7-month-old, Loki ) , it helps maintain a shiny coat, good energy levels with less shedding and less doggy smell in the house! Hope that helps. Thanks. Bumika