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Natural Avocado Oil 100ml

$22.00 (incl. GST)

Pure oil, easy to use inside and out.

Naturally processed and sustainably made in Sri Lanka !

Made from premium avocado fruit

Zero Eco-Impact on waste- all bi-products and waste material are utilized in the manufacture of other nature-friendly products.

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Why WISDOM Natural Avocado oil is a good choice.

  • Made from premium avocados
  • locally sourced from sustainable farms
  • Cold-pressed and double filtered
  • No chemicals, No trans fats, No hydrogenation
  • Innovatively extracted to preserve a high level of natural compounds
  • Rich, smooth, and a deep translucent, green oil great for sweet and savoury applications.
  • Packed in clear glass, WISDOM Natural avocado oil remains safe to use for a very long time, much longer than the best before, the date we stipulate as 2 years from the manufacture
  • Zero Eco-Impact on waste- all bi-products and waste material are utilized in the manufacture of other nature-friendly products
  • A product of pure Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

Benefits :

Promotes healthy skin, hair, bones and teeth

High in Vitamin E and Oleic Acid which reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. Oleic acid also has cleansing properties.

Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E , eases Arthritis symptoms

Contains Oleic acid and Omega 9, supporting healthy weight maintenance.

Vitamin E, C and Lecithin nourishes and moisturises skin; protects from and heals sunburns.

Beta-sitosterol and Phytosterol components have active sugar-controlling properties and can maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

For detailed information about these claims, see the research here


Everyday Avocado oil recipes:

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Avocado oil mayonnaise

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How to use avocado oil in food and skin, hair 


Precautionary advice

Ingested: Avocado is safe for most people when the fruit is eaten in food amounts. Keep in mind that avocado has a lot of calories because of its fat content. There is not enough reliable information about the safety of avocado when taken by mouth as a medicine.

Topical application: Avocado is safe when applied to the skin for up to 3 months. It generally has few side effects, although one person who used a specific avocado oil plus vitamin B12 cream for psoriasis reported mild itching.

If in doubt, check with your doctor before trying it out.

Nutritional Facts (of 1 Tablespoon of Avocado Oil) 120 calories per serving.
Total Fat 14g, Saturated Fat 2g, Trans Fat 0g, Polyunsaturated Fat 2g, Monounsaturated Fat 10g. Cholesterol 0mg.