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extra virgin coconut oil nz

Virgin or EXTRA virgin coconut oil ?

Is “Extra” virgin better than virgin coconut oil? With a myriad of coconut oil brands marketing extra virgin coconut oil it can be harder to distinguish if there is a difference between extra virgin and virgin coconut oil. The ‘extra’ term has simply been adopted to use the popularity of the extra virgin olive oil fame! “Extra” is apt for olive oil which can be made from only the seed or the fruit and seed, and within a shorter or longer frame of extraction. The extra term in virgin coconut oil extraction does not have a meaning as the whole coconut kernel is cold pressed once (virgin- press) to make virgin coconut oil. Extra is just a hyped marketing lingo that some brands are even retracting now: Nutiva retracted their claim for’ extra’ to avoid confusion as below excerpt.
is extra virgin coconut oil better

The only real difference is between virgin coconut oil and regular coconut oil (such as, white/ cooking/ deodorized coconut oil etc). The difference is because there is only a single press and single extraction for virgin coconut oil while there are multiple presses and extractions for regular coconut oil.
This makes sense when you think of the price difference between virgin and regular/cooking coconut oil. Virgin Coconut oil is more expensive as it is the first and only press extraction. Even though there is oil left in the pressed coconut meat, it is not extracted again for virgin oils. Whereas with making regular/ cooking CO, more coconut oil is extracted from the same volume of coconut as there are multiple press extractions. So don’t be fooled when the term extra comes in front of virgin coconut oil. But do think twice why a brand would use hyped lingo apt for olive oils, when it does not have value or meaning for oils extracted from coconut. Kokonati’s is just plain pure Ceylon, Oorganic Virgin coconut oil.

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