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April 2018

Seeds Slice with coconut flour and Jam From Kokonati1/4 cup Kokonati Organic Coconut threads1/4 cup Kokonati Organic Coconut flour1/2 cup Kokonati Organic Coconut jamFrom pantry1/4 cup pumpkin seeds1/4 cup sunflower seedsEquipmentCookie trayBaking paperRolling pin/ spatulaMixing bowl and wooden spoon orFood processor

  Sesame & Coconut Jam slice 3 ingredients to mix and quickly make a healthy snack/ slice / energy-ball, that adults and children can enjoy! From Kokonati1/2 cup Kokonati Organic desiccated Coconut1/2 cup Kokonati Organic Coconut jamFrom pantry1 cup white sesame seedsEquipmentCookie trayBaking

  Soft 'White' Coconut bread Soft 'white' Coconut bread completely gluten-free! From Kokonati500 gr [Kokonati Organic Creamed Coconut (Butter)|]1 tbsp Kokonati Organic Coconut Cider VinegarFrom Pantry12 Egg whites (at room temperature)Or whole eggs 6 whole large eggsOr egg white powder 6 tablespoons