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Organic Cacao Beans & Nibs (unfermented)

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Supporting traditional livelihoods
Organic heirloom Cacao beans
Ethically harvested
Packed at source
Single origin

Use for:


Cooking | Baking | Smoothies | Sprinkles | Topping | Tea | Coffee | Hot Chocolate


Diabetic | Heart disease | Stress

Why we love Cacao beans?

πŸ’š Antibacterial
πŸ’š Antiviral
πŸ’š Antifungal
πŸ’š Antioxidant
πŸ’š Anti-inflammatory
πŸ’š Anti-diabetic
πŸ’š Heart-healthy
πŸ’š Brain-healthy

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Nature’s Chocolate

Cacao is said to be the food of the Gods! Carefully handpicked and dried organic cacao beans, unsweetened, unfermented and untouched, dried in their bean pods, are reverently packed into each HEIRLOOM Organic Cacao Bean pack.


A chocolaty and slightly crunchy treat that is ideal as a cereal topping and for baking too! Add into slices and energy balls, chopped up or ground. It tastes great paired with our dried pineapple too! Brew into a tea, Blend into smoothies and cocktails. Soak overnight oats with crushed cacao beans, healthy seeds, and nuts.

  • Use cacao nibs in your favourite coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos or even smoothie
  • Blend cacao nibs into homemade nut butter
  • Mix them with nuts and dried fruit for an energy-packed snack.
  • Use them in savoury sauces, such as barbecue sauces and moles.
  • Crust steak or duck with crushed cacao nibs for a unique flavour.
  • Blend into hot chocolate or homemade nut milk.
  • Incorporate cacao nibs with coconut, almond butter, and purΓ©ed dates to make healthy energy balls.
  • Replace refined sugar-laden chocolate chips in granola recipes.
  • Add them to baked goods, such as muffins and bread.
  • Sprinkle roasted, chopped cacao beans on top of yoghurt.


Raw cacao beans are slightly bitter due to high antioxidants. The colour of the nibs inside each bean pod can vary from chocolate brown to a beautiful purple, depending on the harvest and season. Cacao beans are harvested as a natural cottage industry product that does not use any chemical refining, additives, or preservatives to standardize the product.


100% cacao beans packed in a facility that also processes cashew and coconuts.
Grown in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).


Keep airtight in the pantry, away from sunlight and damp. Store airtight to retain a crisp and fresh aroma.

Our promise

There is nothing else, no refining or colouring. 100% zero-waste with no bi-products. Control Union certifies this product; Certified Organic (EU and USDA NOP), ISO and HACCP certified.


  • Raw cacao is a good source of iron and dietary fibre. Because it could improve insulin sensitivity to regulate blood sugar levels it addresses glucose intolerance and has anti-inflammatory potential.
  • Have been linked to reduced heart disease risk.

Read more research-based information here.

100+ years of expertise

Our Cacao beans sales’ supports the livelihood of villagers in the rainforest regions of Sri Lanka who use traditional methods to harvest cacao. Thus enabling this community to utilize their ancient knowledge and expertise to survive in this modernized and mechanized world of manufacture by producing this 100% natural unrefined product. Backed by generations of expertise of harvesters and packed in a certified ISO and Organic processing mill, this product plays a vital role in the rural village community’s employment, welfare, and well-being. In addition, the children of our workforce are provided with school books and stationery for the entire school year and participate in religious and cultural events organized by the mill to inculcate a sense of belonging to a more significant cause. Bringing a sense of pride and community to the villagers using age-old knowledge, treading lightly, and living sustainably for their families.Β 

Quality for price

Our products are not mass-produced in vast industrialized factories. So they do not enjoy the economies of scale that supermarket brands do. Instead, we pay the millers and farmers a fair price for their multi-generational expertise and knowledge, easily justifying the premium price for the premium quality you are getting.


We are fiercely loyal to the millers and families we work with and you! So sign up for the reward points (the tab on the far mid-right edge of this screen) and collect loyalty rewards points for every purchase. You can then redeem the points for a dollar discount at checkout.

Packaging and recycling

Dispose of the soft plastic bag in the supermarket collection bin and the card box in your recycling bin. Why do we use 2 types of packaging materials? Because the plastic bag allows visual proof of the dried fruits and seals potency without exposure to air or moisture and is sulphite free. In addition, the card box protects the contents from light.

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Whole Cacao bean, Cacao Nibs


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Organic Cacao Beans & Nibs (unfermented)

Miriam Millner

I have ground them. I have 1 tbls of ground cacao and 1 tbls of my ground organic coffee.
Add hot water and filter. It makes a very good morning drink.

Thank you for your review! Will defintely be trying that!


The most delicious cacao beans I ever tasted. So fruity, the colour inside the bean was beautiful purple. It was divine. I will order again. Thank you.

Thank you for that A.S
We can see you meant it wholeheartedly when you ordered the 2.5kg just now :)

Unusual but good to try.

A bit bitter but tasty.

Hi Clem,
Yes, they are very slightly bitter because they are full of antioxidants! We like them paired with some natural pineapple dried Any dried tarty dried fruit would actually pair well with it. Give it a go next time and let us know!