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Natural Spinach Powder 100g

$6.50 (incl. GST)

Supporting traditional livelihoods
Naturally grown Spinach
Ethically harvested
Packed at source
Single origin

Use for:


Cooking | Baking | Smoothies | Bliss balls


Eye-health | Blood pressure | Heart disease | Inflammation

Why we love Spinach powder?

πŸ’š Antibacterial
πŸ’š Antiviral
πŸ’š Antioxidant
πŸ’š Anti-inflammatory
πŸ’š Anti-hypertension
πŸ’š Heart-healthy
πŸ’š Vision-healthy

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Nutrient-Dense Spinach is highly nutritious and to make it easy to use everyday, we have simply dried and powdered the Spinach leaves. We strongly believe in drying nutritious fruits and vegetables, powdering them when possible to eliminate the wastage of trying to keep and store fresh fruits and vegetables. The dried spinach powder is concentrated so you need to use very little of it to get the maximum benefit of its high protein, fiber,iron and vitamin C content.

Uses Spinach fine powder is ideal for baking and adding into raw slices and energy balls. Brew into a tea, blend into green smoothies, stirfy rice, add color to green coconut curry, stir into hot doup or even add to dumpling dough. Some ideas to incorporate spinach powder daily, just add a teaspoon to :

      • Your favorite smoothie and to baked goods like muffins and cakes.
      • Cooked rice, pasta, or noodles with a little coconut oil or butter, then add a teaspoon of spinach powder to up your green intake easily.
      • Stir into warm soups or make your green coconut curry greener with a teaspoon of spinach powder
      • Blitz with drained chickpeas and roasted garlic and basil leaves to make a tasty nutritious hummus/dip
      • Great to make green & vegan bliss balls
      • Add to dumpling dough, pancake and waffle batter. Makes a fun color & good greens for the kiddies to enjoy sweet or savoury

      Flavor Spinach powder is earthy and has the subtle aroma of spinach so it easily blends into foods without overpowering any flavor. The color of the powder can vary lightly, depending on the harvest and season . This is a natural product that had not undergone chemical refining, additives, or preservatives to standardize the product.

      Ingredient 100% Spinach powder
      Packed in a facility handling Gluten, Milk, Sesame, Soy and Tree nuts

      Storage Keep airtight in the pantry, away from sunlight and damp. Its potency and flavor remain strong as long as it is stored airtight. With a best before of two years from the manufacture date, natural spianch powder remains safe to use for even longer periods as long as it is stored with minimal exposure to light, air, and moisture.

      Our promise There is nothing else.
      No refining, no coloring.

      Benefits Spinach has been researched to have several health benefits.
      Read more research-based information, here.


      • Rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help counteract: oxidative damage caused by free radicals in the body and inflammation.
      • Carotenoid antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin) in spinach, also protect the eyes from some common degenerative disorders.
      • Vitamins A, C, B6, and minerals most people don’t get enough of, such as Calcium, Copper, Potassium and Magnesium.
      • Also rich in Vitamin K, which has a beneficial effect on blood-pressure, heart disease and osteoporosis.
      • Could help with weight control as spinach contains a good dose of protein and fiber, that helps keep you full for longer with a low-calorie content.

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      Packaging and recycling 200g resealable pouch. Dispose of the soft plastic bag in the supermarket collection bin.

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Customer Reviews

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Kayla Gunson
So fresh and delicious

This spinach powder is really mild smooth tasting and I've been using it in many dishes, even smoothies. It's definitely helping me stay on track of my health goals!

Thank you for the review! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying our spinach powder. It is a super easy way to get in those greens, especially in winter when cold salad greens are not as appealing!