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Organic Amino Sauce Glaze

$16.00 (incl. GST)

Supporting rural livelihoods
Zero-waste production
Traditionally crafted
Ethically harvested
Aged coconut sap
Two ingredients
Never blended

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Natural Prebiotic* Kokonati organic coconut amino glaze is made from organically aging coconut sap with sea salt, and evaporating the aged sauce into a thick glaze. In other words, Kokonati Amino glaze is a thicker and concentrated version of Kokonati Amino sauce. 100% Vegan, No soy, No gluten, No dairy, No GMO, No MSG! Abundant in amino acids that are essential for good health, this low GI glaze, free of refined sugar is packed with nutrients and vitamins, boosts energy levels, and strengthens the immune system. Due to minimal processing and natural aging, the glaze is pre-biotically alive while also delivering a punch with its savory flavor! Use a little or a lot….no harm done!

Uses Ideal as a marinades and for sauteing rice and vegetables. Great for barbequing and adding a beautiful caramel color to roast and grilled foods. Make Japanese-Style Devilled eggs! A great tasting alternative to soy sauce it can be used by those who are gluten intolerant, allergic to soy and vegans. Due to its low glycaemic index (approximately 35), Coconut Amino glaze is a healthier alternative even for diabetic patients. Also an ideal marinade for those watching their weight as it is very low in calories and increases satiety, which in turn keeps hunger-pangs in check! Other ways to use Amino saice and glaze in daily cooking!

Flavor Kokonati organic coconut amino glaze is a condiment with a unique flavour. Made from 2 organic ingredients, it has a sweet and sour taste with light notes of balsamic spices that come from being aged in seasoned vats.

98% Coconut sap and sea salt.

Storage Keep airtight in the pantry. With a best before of two years from the manufacture date, coconut amino glaze remains safe to use for even longer periods if it is stored with minimal exposure to light and air. The mother vinegar ( from the coconut sap) will continue to grow when stored at ambient temperature. Refrigerate the open bottle if you want to slow this process. Kokonati coconut amino glaze is packed at the origin, in the very plantations, the coconut sap is harvested from, to seal the freshness and reduce exposure from day one.

Our promise There is nothing else. No refining or coloring. 100% zero-waste, all bi-products and waste material in our coconut products manufacture are utilized in the making of other nature-friendly products. See how. This product is internationally accredited by Control Union; Certified Organic (EU and USDA NOP), ISO and/or HACCP certified.

Benefits Kokonati coconut amino glaze is made from coconut sap that is rich in amino acids that contribute to repair and rebuilding the muscle tissue, enhance brain and nervous system function, and boosts the immune system and physical energy level. It contains sixteen types of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Some aid in the formation of haemoglobin, according to the Nutritional Supplement Educational Centre. Haemoglobin transports oxygen and antibodies to help the immune system fight against infections. Other amino acids promote tissue health and maintenance, serve as neurotransmitters, and also aid detoxification and metabolic function. Coconut sap also contains 65 minerals, such as contains phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, sulfur, boron, zinc, manganese, and copper. The Institute of Medicine lists known functions of each mineral in your body. Potassium is important in balancing electrolytes, controlling high blood pressure, and metabolizing sugar. Phosphorus works with Calcium to build bones and facilitates the body’s ability to use other nutrients. Iron is critical for the creation of red blood cells and is essential in the production of cellular energy. Copper, one of the components in red blood cell formation, is a mineral that also assists with iron absorption. Magnesium is important in nerve and muscle function and is essential in every major biological process in the body. Coconut amino glaze also aids digestion as it is a natural prebiotic*.

100+ years of coconut expertise Our Coconut amino glaze sales supports the traditional livelihoods of villagers in the rural coconut triangle of Sri Lanka. Coconut sap is harvested by traditional methods handed down by generations of toddy-tapping families. This traditional production allows village populations to utilize their age-old knowledge and expertise to survive in this modernized and mechanized world of manufacture by producing this 100% natural unrefined product. It is an intricate art; harvesting and extracting coconut sap. The toddy (cider) tapper families collect the natural sap every 12 hours and deliver it to our 125year old coconut vinegar and amino-making plant. This amino glaze is expertly aged over 8 to 12 months with the mother vinegar, nectar, and sea salt in seasoned vats and carefully preserved until it is ordered, bottled, and shipped to you with 100% of its natural healing potency. Our amino-maker is the fifth generation coconut-vinegar-maker of a proud lineage; his great grandfather, Charles supplied coconut vinegar as instant stamina and anti-bacterial fluid that helped heal wounded soldiers during World War One! He was even awarded the British Certificate of appreciation for his contribution. Backed by generations of coconut sap expertise, the mill is certified with ISO and Organic standards and plays a vital role in the employment, welfare, and wellbeing of the local village community. The children of our workforce are provided with school books and stationery for the entire school year. The mill also organizes religious and cultural events to inculcate a sense of belonging to a bigger cause, bringing a sense of pride and community to the villagers who are using age-old knowledge, treading lightly, and making a living for their families, sustainably.

Price for quality Our products are not mass-produced in vast industrialised factories. So we do not enjoy the economies of scale that supermarket brands do. We pay the millers and farmers a fair price. Specifically, batch-crafted for New Zealand, Kokonati products are made with multigenerational expertise and knowledge to be the best quality they can be and so easily justify the premium price for the premium quality you are getting.

Loyalty Just as we are fiercely loyal to the millers and families we work with, we also want to reward you, for your loyalty. So every time you purchase a Kokonati product you also collect rewards points that can be redeemed for a discount at checkout. Remember to sign up for the reward points (the black Rewards tab on the right edge of this screen ->).

Packaging and recycling Available in 250ml bottles. A light warm soak or a run under the hairdryer will remove the labels which are biodegradable and can be composted or disposed of in the garbage bin. If not reusing, dispose of the recyclable glass bottle in your recycling bin.

*Prebiotics and Probiotics
Prebiotics are specialized plant fibers that act as food for good bacteria. This stimulates growth among the pre-existing good bacteria. Probiotics are living strains of bacteria that add to the population of good bacteria in your digestive system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Helen Jamieson

Great sauce to use. Good with meat and veges.

Thanks Helen! We agree :)

Jennifer Kent
Organic Amino Glaze

I love this .Tastes amazing and so simple to use

Absolutely. So easy on salads, stirfries and almost anything savoury!

Michelle Davidson
Organic Amino Sauce Glaze

Marinated some diced chicken in this & cooked in pan.....divine

Love it!