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How Virgin Coconut Oil affects different health conditions?

  • Anti- Microbial + Immunity Boosting properties – Coconut Oil has strong anti-microbial properties that forms a natural defence system against most kinds of harmful organisms. The MCT’s in lauric acid are well known as an effective measure against disease causing harmful germs, bacteria’s & viruses.
  • Good for Diabetics – Because it helps stabilize blood glucose levels and aids in shedding excess body weight, coconut oil is probably the only oil a diabetic person should eat. MCT’s in coconut reduce stress on pancreas as no insulin is needed to digest these MCT’s, thereby enhancing insulin action and increasing metabolic rate.
  • Good for Expectant Mothers and Babies – The high Monolurin content has antimicrobial properties helping protect babies from diseases and bacteria. Pregnant mothers who include coconut oil in their diet have more lauric and capric acid in their breast milk.
  • Used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s Patients to improve memory, also used for correcting hypothyroid disorders