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Organic Woodapple and Coconut Jam

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Supporting traditional livelihoods
Zero-waste production
Ethically harvested
Refined-sugar free
Packed at source
Two ingredients
Never blended

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Woodapple…What’s that?

Ever seen a Woodapple? It gets the name because of its hard ‘wooden’ shell. Inside is a brownish pulp with small white seeds. The pulp can be eaten raw but is usually scooped out and made into jam or a drink. It can also be mixed with coconut milk for a delicious, healthy smoothie or frozen into ice cream. Apples don’t grow naturally in tropical Sri Lanka, so we use wood apples instead! Since Kiwi’s love experiencing new flavors, and we are always on the lookout for simple, healthier, less processed, wholesome ingredients to bring from Ceylon. So we combined our coconut nectar and woodapple pulp to make a sweet and sour Woodapple and Coconut jam! Ceylon is a country naturally abundant with Coconut trees; Coconut trees grow in rich volcanic soil, contributing to the many nutritional benefits that come from eating coconuts that grow here. Only pure Ceylon Coconuts are used in the manufacture of Kokonati products. The coconut flower sap from which our coconut nectar is made is a rich source of minerals and phytonutrients needed daily by the body, add to that the fiber of ground woodapple pulp, and the resulting coconut spread is a functional and indulgent treat.


Kokonati organic woodapple and coconut jam is a healthy alternative to refined-sugar jams. 100% Organic fresh pulp of the woodapple is finely ground with coconut nectar to make this tarty citrus tasting jam which also masquerades as a chutney, glaze or dipping sauce! Talk about versatility, can be used savoury and sweet!


Tastes great paired easily with bread and butter or as a chutney for savory roasted vegetables/ meats. Naturally ups the dose of vitamin C and dietary fiber in a smoothie! Brush on as a tarty base/ glaze for pies and pastries or use as a topping for vanilla ice cream or dairy/ non-dairy yogurt. Can be used as barbecue marinade, as a Nomato pizza sauce (free of tomato) or even as a dipping sauce too!


Slightly crunchy and nutty from ground, woodapple seeds in the pulp. A citrus tasting spread with just the right amount of natural sweetness from nectar, tastes almost like a tamarind sauce when used savory


55% woodapple (Limonia acidissima) , 45% coconut nectar. Free of additives or preservatives.


Keep airtight in the pantry, away from sunlight and damp. Use a dry spoon to scoop out. Use within 3-4 months from opening. For even further prolonged use, the product can be refrigerated after opening. With a best before of two years from the manufacture date, woodapple and coconut jam remain safe to use for even longer periods as long as it is stored with minimal exposure to light, air, and moisture. The woodapple also has natural preservative properties which also helps! All Kokonati coconut jam is packed at the origin, in the very plantations and villages, the wood apple and the coconut nectar are harvested from.

Our promise

There is nothing else. No hydrogenation. No refining. No trans fats. This product supports the traditional livelihoods of villagers in the rural coconut triangle of Sri Lanka. Kokonati products are 100% zero-waste, all bi-products and waste materials are utilized in the manufacture of other nature-friendly products. See how. Our product is internationally accredited by Control Union; Certified Organic (EU and USDA NOP), ISO and/or HACCP certified.


The woodapple is a herb (botanical name: Limonia acidissima). Also known as a variant of the Bael fruit or as elephant apple, and monkey fruit. It is considered a therapeutic herb-fruit because of its high nutrient content; vitamins(esp Vitamin C), minerals, and organic compounds, including tannins, calcium, phosphorous, fiber, protein, and Iron. The woodapple fruit has been used in Ayurvedic remedies for centuries to :

  • naturally aid indigestion.
  • purify blood.
  • regulate blood sugar in diabetics.
  • relieve respiratory problems.
  • naturally heals the liver and kidney .

100+ years of expertise

Our Coconut jam/ is made with natural age-old ingredients; coconut nectar and woodapple, harvested by traditional multi-generational livelihoods, with generations of knowledge guiding every step of the process.
The coconut nectar is traditionally harvested by toddy-tappers who artfully scale the coconut tree to place clay pots at the base of the coconut flower, to collect the naturally sweet sap. The sap is freshly harvested every 12 hours and reduced over low heat to make a 100% preservative-free nectar.
The woodapple grows mostly in the home gardens and in the wild rainforests of Ceylon. Popularly consumed by locals, there is enough annual crop left to make products for the export market which helps keeps the rural cropping home-gardens thriving!
The carefully scooped-out pulp and nectar are ground together finely to make this sweet and sour jam. Purchase of this spread supports the traditional livelihoods of coconut toddy tappers who pass on the knowledge of tapping expertise to their children; to ethically and sustainably source income from their home garden-grown coconut and woodapple trees.

Price for quality

Our products are not mass-produced in vast industrialised factories. So we do not enjoy the economies of scale that supermarket brands do. We pay the millers and farmers a fair price. Specifically, batch-crafted for New Zealand, Kokonati products are made with multigenerational expertise and knowledge to be the best quality they can be and so easily justify the premium price for the premium quality you are getting.


Just as we are fiercely loyal to the millers and families we work with, we also want to reward you, our customer loyalty. So every time you purchase a Kokonati product you also collect rewards points that can be redeemed for a discount at checkout. Remember to sign up for the reward points (the tab on the far mid-right edge of this screen).

Packaging and recycling

150g and 330g glass jars . A light warm soak or a run under the hairdryer will remove the labels which are biodegradable and can be composted or disposed of in the garbage bin. If not reusing the containers, dispose of the recyclable jars in your recycling bin. In our homes, we reuse packaging as much as we can. See ideas here!

Easy-as smoothie recipe

Coconut Milk + Woodapple Jam + ice cubes = a healing smoothie!
no chopping – no blending – no cleanup
Just mix together as much or as little as you want of the coconut milk*, woodapple jam and ice cubes, to suit your taste and shake together in a sealed flask. Alternatively, blitz in your blender for a few minutes with ice cubes.

* Remember to warm the coconut milk if it has solidified (soak in a hot water bath for 2-3 minutes) to make it liquid beforehand if shaking up the smoothie with ice cubes instead of blending by machine.